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Romantic Paso Getaway

About 8 year(s) ago by HIX Paso Robles
Romantic Paso Getaway
Scenic Paso Robles, California is a top destination for couples looking to light up their romance. This quaint town nestled in the beautiful California countryside makes the perfect weekend getaway with a long list of romantic things to do from sipping champagne from your hotel suite or exploring the surrounding countryside checking out local landmarks. Enjoy a candlelit gourmet dinner at one of the many fine restaurants in town. Soothe your soul at the Paso Robles natural hot springs that will invigorate you with their luxurious natural minerals and relax your body in the stunning open air setting.
Professional spa treatments add to the experience. Or plan a fun trip to the local wine country where California vintners are creating some of the tastiest vintages on the market. Take a tour to learn about wine making and sample the latest bottles to get a true taste of the region. For the ultimate romantic getaway, start planning your Paso Robles adventure today.
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