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The Libertine Pub and Brewery - Holiday Inn Express - Paso Robles

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The Libertine Pub and Brewery - Holiday Inn Express - Paso Robles

When visiting California's Central Coast and the Paso Robles Wine Country, don't limit yourself to just the fabulous wines. Spend a little time in Morro Bay at the Libertine Pub.

The Libertine Pub started out as a little local craft brewery/pub located right on the waterfront and quickly grew into a full brewery. The Libertine brews several styles of beer that change a little with each brewing made with locally sourced fruits. Their primary brews are a Golden Blonde, a Red, a Saison and a Porter and the beers on tap is practically infinite.

The Libertine Framboise, the house favorite, is the Golden Blonde aged on raspberries in recycled wine barrels. It is a vibrant pink and pours a fizzy pink head that quickly dissipates. It is tart and effervescent with a pleasant crispness.

The Porter is aged on coffee, spices, vanilla beans or cacao nibs and then blended with saltwater from Morro Bay.

The Libertine Berliner Weisse is often called Berlintine. It gets its flavors from the Lactobacillus bacteria that are present all over the brewery and barrels.

Libertine beers are practically limitless in their variety but they all share one significant trait, they are fermented with the same naturally occurring yeasts in the brewery and they are all unique to the Libertine.

The menu at the Libertine Pub is sure to compliment whichever beer you choose. The typical pub fare of fish and chips, fish tacos, sliders, fried pickles etc., is perfect for just sitting back and enjoying the live music, unique atmosphere and enjoying watching the boats in the bay.

The Libertine Pub and the Libertine Brewery are located in San Louis Opisbo and just a short drive from the Holiday Inn Express in Paso Robles. You don't want to miss out on this sweet spot on California's Central Coast.


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