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Wine, Weather & Wonder: The Perfect Vacation this Valentine's

About 1 year(s) ago by Holiday Inn Express & Suites Paso Robles
Wine, Weather & Wonder: The Perfect Vacation this Valentine's
As the winter slowly recedes, the gentle coastal breeze calls you to the Central Californian Wine Country, El Paso de Robles. Unwind in the most innovative romantic getaway with picturesque private suites surrounded by nature, aroma of delectable wines in the air and quaint outdoors to enjoy with your significant other. Love comes knocking on your door when you sign in at the Wine Country Hotel at Paso Robles.

Memorable Getaways in Paso Robles CA for You & Your Valentine

Like your sweet and sour love, let the spontaneous shades of sunset cover you both at the Lake Namiciento pier and give way to the starry night sky reflecting on still water. Take his/her hand and step out from your leisure accommodations. With nature at every turn, beauty blossoms in even the remotest corners of Paso Robles. All you have to do is reach for it.

Paso Robles Wine Tour
Take a scenic shuttle ride to four vast vineyards and wineries. Taste vintage wines in the lap of nature. Get a behind-the-scenes tour to explore intriguing stories behind the flavor of your favorite wines. As the day comes to a close, retire at your private deluxe quarters.

Half Day Adventures for Two
Take the uncharted route along the vast winding vineyards where the only thing you can depend on is each other. Customize the itinerary as you desire. While your safety will be taken care of, you are still at the heart of nature enjoying the one company you hold most dear.

Downtown Escape
Antique shops, old art deco-style buildings, vintage open-air cafes: downtown Paso Robles is a memoir of an era bygone. Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy calm evenings with the simple and polite residents of the township. Couple your romantic dinner with the best wines at fine-dining restaurants in the neighborhood.

Bridal Jacuzzi Suites
A special treat for Honeymoon couples! Close to the scenic Salinas River, Holiday Inn Express Suites has the cozy corner you desire in your coastal getaway at Paso Robles. Be pampered with the best of services and amenities including plush bedding, smart bathroom and your very own whirlpool tub. So, dip in and relax. Happy Honeymoon!

Book your stay at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Paso Robles this Valentine's Day and get amazing deals to make this a memorable retreat. Contact our concierge desk today.
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